• StandardQuality & Performance

Our stainless steel coils adhere to stringent industry standards, setting the benchmark for quality and performance. Complying with standards set by organizations such as ASTM and ASME, our coils undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed expectations. This commitment to standards guarantees that our stainless steel coils consistently deliver structural integrity, corrosion resistance, and durability.

  • SizeComprehensive Range

To accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, our stainless steel coils are available in an extensive range of sizes. Whether you require standard sizes for common applications or custom dimensions for unique projects, we offer flexibility in thickness, width, and length. This customization ensures that your stainless steel coils align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your manufacturing, construction, or industrial endeavors.

Precision Unwound: Stainless Steel Coils, Crafting Tomorrow's Foundations.

Embark on a journey of durability and versatility with stainless steel coils, the cornerstone of countless industrial and manufacturing applications. Renowned for their corrosion resistance, structural integrity, and adaptability, stainless steel coils elevate projects to new heights. Crafted from an alloy of iron, chromium, and other elements, these coils embody the pinnacle of durability in material engineering.

  • SpecificationsVarious Grades

Our stainless steel coils are engineered to exacting specifications, ensuring a product that exceeds industry standards. Available in various grades such as 201, 202, 304,  310, 316, and 321, these coils offer diverse options for corrosion resistance, strength, and formability. With customizable thicknesses, widths, and surface finishes, our stainless steel coils cater to a wide range of manufacturing and construction needs.

Precision in manufacturing guarantees that these coils exhibit uniformity in thickness, flatness, and surface quality. Whether for precision machining, stamping, or forming applications, our stainless steel coils provide the foundation for excellence.

  • ApplicationDiverse Industries

Stainless steel coils find an extensive array of applications across industries due to their exceptional properties. In the realm of manufacturing, these coils serve as raw materials for the production of various components, from automotive parts to kitchen appliances. The construction industry relies on stainless steel coils for structural elements, ensuring the longevity and stability of buildings and infrastructure.

Their precision-engineered design and adherence to industry standards make them essential components in the production of diverse applications. Whether shaping machinery components, structural elements, or intricate designs, stainless steel coils demonstrate their unwavering reliability and adaptability.
039-rolled steel

Grades : 201, 202, 304, 310, 316, 321 & 430

We currently have a comprehensive inventory of standard sizes readily available for immediate service. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to customize lengths and provide precision-cut pieces to meet your specific requirements.


0.05 – 5.0 mm


458 mm
560 mm
712 mm
813 mm
915 mm
1000 mm
1219 mm
1500 mm
1524 mm


As per requirement.